24 hours in Wisconsin Dells

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Hey hey, everyone!

I know I'm supposed to come back with a follow up on my graduation skincare, but the thing is that I can't find the pictures that I took! I've honestly searched through all of my folders multiple times and I cannot find them. This saddens me, but we've gotta move on. (Just know that my skin started healing after I reduced the amount of acne products I was using to just one and combining that with moisturising products.)

As the title says, my family and I spent 24 hours in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. It was a spur of the moment family trip so nothing was planned to us prior to arriving -- not even our hotel was booked. We did the booking when we were halfway to Wisconsin and found an awesome condo at Tamarack Resorts. The condo was a short 5 minute drive from all of the waterparks and had everything and more that we needed for our two night and one day stay. (Except for proper AC in my room, but I was able to go without it since all I did was sleep in there.)

So if you watch my vlog about our 24 hours, you'll see that we did two activities minus eating. The morning was rough since it took us half a day to get up there due to traffic. Our day didn't start until 10 am. We took a two hour boat tour (none of the crazy ones) of the Dells. It was extremely relaxing although just a little chilly, but that was remedied with two stops where we would walk on land to see some points of interest. That and buy food, drinks, and souvenirs.

Let me tell you, water never tasted so good after being on a boat for a while.

Anyways, check out the video down below!

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