I suck at mirror selfies

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I can't take mirror selfies, but samsung selfie cam sucks so...


I hope you're doing well and staying warm now that it's fall! It's that time of year again where we all love to layer up -- the perfect time to show off as many fashionable items we can put on without being thrown off balance just so that we can post an envy worthy photo to the 'gram.

I joke, I joke!

No, really...

BUT if you're in Indiana, then you know that we had fall weather for about a week or so before returning to summer-like weather and then plummeting into winter. That was a wonderful shock to my immune system. (Yes, I am rolling my eyes.) Despite this, I'm still chugging along thanks to the miracles of vitamins and hydration.

Sort of.

For the past few days, it's been raining and gloomy which means I'm pretty much alive as a zombie. I'm honestly dead. Gloomy weather is my kryptonite. It drains me and puts me to sleep, so the past few days haven't been productive. Actually, when you put it into perspective, the past month wasn't productive in terms of keeping my social medias up to date but that's because I started volunteering at the hospital again and that was a completely different shock to the system.

This coffee from Dunkin is also giving me life.
Anyway, I thought I would post about a lippy that gave me life yesterday. Before I ran out the door, I managed to grab Nyx's soft matte lip cream in Ibiza. If you're familiar with this color, then you know that it doesn't exactly scream fall. Being a rosy-coral color, it's very much a spring shade. Despite not being a fall hue, this was the perfect pop of color to bring my sickly face to life in a pinch. That and moisturising my lips with EOS lip balm prior to putting it on and whenever my lips needed some TLC throughout the day.

Lemme know down below what's giving you life these days whenever you're a little under the weather! 💙

EOS lip balm (mint), Nyx soft matte lip cream (Ibiza), and stains.

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