Makeup & Skincare Favourites of 2017 ft. Cori (@agirlnamedcori)

by - 11:30 AM

Hallo, luverlies!

It's almost the end of the year -- can you believe it? With that said, Cori is back on the channel with me to round up our favourites of the year. We have two videos for you guys to check out, one for makeup and one for skincare! Why two? Well... We can talk a lot, so it felt right to split it up into two videos so we can have that time to talk instead of squashing everything into one video.

Make sure that you've got something to eat and drink or maybe do your daily routine while watching these videos! They're 30 minutes if you watch them back to back, but separately they're 15. You could probably workout to them, now that I think about it....

Be sure to check out the description boxes on both videos for the list of products we mentioned! Cheers and have a great day/morning/evening/whatever!


Much love and warm vibes,

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