the name

Honestly, it was the screenname I created for myself back in 2007 or so. I have no idea why I named myself this, but I went with it and have gone with it for a decade.

Nowadays, I think of it more as myself greeting everyone who comes to my humble side of the Internet. It's a space for me to share where to go and what to do in the MidWest. It's a space to talk about makeup, fashion, and food. It's a comfy space to chill, grow, and be real with one another.

This is the space I want to cultivate, and I'm sharing it with anyone who wants to join.

the girl

I'm that one girl who always has a camera at the ready and a coffee in hand. I can be loud and obnoxious and quiet and shy at the same time. Despite looking like I edit videos, papers, and photos for a living, I'm a science nerd with a degree in chemistry and a dream to go to med school -- but it won't happen just yet. I'm still working towards my dream while balancing it with a cup of coffee and pixels on the web.